Kink Aware Coaching

individual coaching or relationship coaching


For many people with a ‘not all that usual’ sexuality, a few talks with a coach who has both theoretical knowledge and practical experience can be enlightening. Not because you need it but because it can improve the quality of your everyday life. I am rather down to earth in my approach and there is very little I would condemn ;-).

You don’t need to talk to a coach because things are about to go “wrong” but because things could be better, easier, more fun.

Coming to Hans has been a good idea for many for over 30 years now because you can talk to me without the fear of being “judged”. Taboos have always had my interest so here you can openly talk about a life with a “not so strictly normal” sexuality (whatever that may be). Of course kink is not the only thing why people come to me but with me at least you don’t have to be silent about kink. And we can talk about issues that might have arisen in your life without the fear of me starting to suddenly ‘treat’ your kink in some way 🙂 (as a lot of kinksters suddenly have noticed during their coaching or therapy)

Contact possibilities:

  • face-to-face
  • by phone, Skype or Hangout
  • by email

I do chose to want to talk without time pressure and thus schedule rather long talks (75 mins) compared to many of my ‘conculeages’ who have (often under pressure from insurers) interviews that may last up to only 30 to max. 45 minutes. But I do not want you coming out of the session with the feeling that it “cannot really go where I should have gone.”

Cost: The cost of these talks is 95, = Euro (depending on the income of the customer that could be reduced to 75, = Euro) for a session of 75 minutes. So there is no need to feel under any time-pressure wile talking. And of course reports by email and cups of coffee or tea are included :-).

Because people do not like to find that their data entered in the database of insurers, and because I think it is important to align supply on your personal demand this product is not to be claimed from insurance. It can be invoiced so that VAT can be reclaimed.
Note: If you are in serious financial trouble, let me hear so. I can make a better of for a percentage of my clientele, following from the payment of people who can spend a little more on their coaching.

Hours: Conversations in the evenings (Amsterdam time) are available at extra cost

  • 18:00-20:00 h: 10%,
  • 20:00-21:00 h: 30%,
  • 21:00 h and later: 50% .


  • Saturdays: 50%
  • Sundays: 75%

Location: Due to privacy issues my sessions are generally held, either at a discrete coaching room (like Seats2Meet) without a “tell tale”-sign above the door. Or it can be held at your location (travel costs and, time can be charged outside Amsterdam).

Additional (international) features:
Of course it is also possible to get a email counseling.
For people where coming to Amsterdam would become a bit of a problem, it might be more reasonable to talk via Skype.

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