All kind of quotes I tink of as being related to love, kinkyness, relationships, and other lovely aspects of life.
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“Different Quotes”

by different people

… and I’m staying

2 types of pain

A little objectification

A right to command merely because you are older…

A submissive’s song

An apology has its right place

Anxiety turns one back on oneself

Are you a priority or an option?

Being life’s bitch is no fun at all

Consent according to FRIES

Consent is mutual discovery

Consent is not…

Continually seduce consent from the bottom

De kwaliteit van een BDSM-sessie en de nasmaak

Denken over ons kompas

Dirty and nasty but I wanted more

Dit is je leven

Does a demand for respect means giving up freedom?

Een groot nadeel van cheating

Einen Rest von Illusionen

Everything is about sex

Fairy tales of how girls can be dangerous

Fases in het integreren van kink in een leven

Fear that would excite and fear that…

Geluk: hoofd, hart en bekken op één lijn

Greta Garbo: I have never had an impulse to go to the altar

Harde grenzen, zachte grenzen, zoete grenzen.

Having someone on their knees for you makes you vulnerable

Het risico van “don’t ask, don’t tell”

I had no idea it would be like this

I hid my shameful perversions under a facade of prudishness

I just want to feel

If a relationship has to be a secret…

if it is the dirty element that gives pleasure

if someone says that porn is ruining sex

If there is already a rip in the fabric of your relationship…

If you can fake that, you’re in! 😉

If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina

In boeien out of the closet

Is it the collar or the happiness?

Ishtar – Pasen

It’s been so long since I made love #JoanRivers

It’s hard to turn the head off

je hoofd je hart en je bekken op één lijn

Labeltjes plakken of in hokjes stoppen?

Liebe will aus sich herausgehen

Looking at porn like it is instruction material…

Love each other without restraint …unless…

Love is a wonderful institution but…

Love-advice by John Malkovich

Make sure your love exceeds…

My dominant discourse seems to be…

My sexual fetishes have been getting more perverse


Natuurlijk ben ik graag je onbereikbare muze

Norceuil’s teachings to Julliette

not because she lacks the ability to submit…

Of course it hurts!

Over hokjes en labels en diversiteit

Privilege is…

Proud of how happy I make him

Puntentelling voor de slavin

Push it

Rape and fashion?..

Relationship without trust

Resentment is a signal

Rose-coloured glasses and Red Flags

Running wins

S and M is only the expression in the bedroom of…

Seduction is enticing someone

Seks is een schitterend oefenveld

Self-pleasuring as a radical act.

Sex and love and tension

Sex doesn’t have to conform to society’s standards

Sex is a team sport

Sex is treated differently from other human needs

Sex without love is an empty experience…

Sex Work

Sex: In America an obsession

Shatter your dreams…

She’s my answer for the need

Submission is about relationships of love and respect

The ass is…

The Butt is (not) a magical place

the joy of being a submissive

The person that you care for the most…

The power of Play!

The two parts of me…

There’s “ship” in relationship

to serve doesn’t always mean…

Und wenn du nichts für mich tust…

Unless you’re into leather…

Verdorbenheit ist eine von guten Menschen erfundene Fabel

Verschrikkelijk leuk

Vertrouwen is een gevoel

Wat het is om slavin te kunnen zijn

We zijn de SMet…

What irritates us about others…

What kind of sex is worth…

What spring does with cherry trees

What the anti-kink fanatics don’t understand about us is that we’re geeks

What was the point in satin and lace if…

Why does every woman know?..

Wordt het ruzie of sex?

You WILL be restrained, you know…

Your heart just breaks, that’s all

Your madness fits in nicely

I hope you found some inspiration for your writings and/or your life…


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