Een “Ask Me Anything” online (free) over Kink, BDSM, poly…

Zondag de 15e april om 21:00uur
(12am Pacific Time, 3pm Eastern Time, 8pm Greenwich Time)

We’d like you to join us for one hour of live Q&A with the boldpleasures team. For newcomers and those of you who are curious about BDSM, kink and alternative relationships (yes it will be in English)…

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Your Hosts this time:
Hans: Your’s truly. He is a certified physiotherapist, psychotherapist, relationship coach and long-standing kink educator with over a quarter of a century of experience in the mental health sector and almost 40 years in BDSM

Karin: Fetish model and trainer in sexual techniques for over 10 years and active in the BDSM-scene for over 20.

Sonja: is a co-founder of boldpleasures. She’s on a mission to remove the stigma surrounding kink. Sonja talks about first steps and how to combine kink and family life as a working submissive.