Lezing: Kink Aware (Relationship) Therapy

KinkindeRelatie_RotterdamConferenceHans: Kink Aware (Relationship) Therapy

Zaterdag 10 juni 15:15 spreek ik op de Rotterdam Conference over BDSM en kinky seks en (relatie)therapie.

Kink Aware (Relationship) Therapy

Kinky relationships face partially the same issues as vanilla relationships. For some issues there are solutions, which are not available for vanilla relationships. Some issues are primarily kink related and need a specialized solution. Examples are:

  • Getting out of the closet (how fast and how to’s)
  • Is there a match in BDSM wants and needs? B D S M
  • What possibilities are there for poly or swinging?
  • Assisting with relationship problems related to non-monogamous relationships (coping with jealousy for instance)

Other issues are really non-kink related issues like addiction or burn out. But in talking about solutions it is good to not have to be secretive about your kink for it adds zest to your life.
Yet other issues can be seen as kink-related. The question whether sex-addiction is a problem of the addict or his/her surroundings, whether sex can be an asset in therapy, whether arousal could be a part of (counter)transference etc etc.

There is more to it than first meets the eye when talking about Kink Aware Therapy… Let’s dive into the things that interest you.

I will explain the basic definitions of BDSM and poly relationships. Based on the input from the participants I’d like to have a group discussion to explore different solutions.

Level: all
Type of workshop: interactive lecture